Personal Mentorship Program

The Personal Mentorship Program is designed for individuals who already possess a solid understanding of forex trading basics and are looking to enhance their skills to a more advanced level. This course delves deeper into advanced trading techniques, strategies, and analysis, providing you with the tools to take your trading to the next level.

1. Last up’s last down’s

2. Demand & Supply zone.

3. Tec Observation

4. Price Graph

5. Break pips

6. Eco Observation

7. News Rides

8. Expert’s Blogs

9. Big players strategy

10. SMC

11. FVG

12. O Blocks

13. SL Hunting

14. Fake & Real Breakout

15. Five Ready Trading Set Ups


❈ Master advanced technical analysis techniques and tools.

❈ Develop sophisticated risk management strategies.

❈ Learn advanced trading strategies for different market conditions.

❈ Understand market sentiment analysis.

❈ Enhance your trading psychology and emotional resilience.

❈ Gain familiarity with advanced trading tools and platforms.

❈ Get 5 Trading Setups


₹1,00,000 49,999

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