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Trade with AK is a firm aimed at empowering the younger generation who are eager to increase their earnings and break free from financial constraints. We offer education that focuses on self-study, practical experience, and theoretical insights in the field of market trading.

Trading is often thought to be unsuitable for everyone, but we aim to challenge this misconception. Our goal is to simplify the process by teaching you strategies that can lead to profitable outcomes.

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Our primary focus is to enhance your understanding of the markets and equip you with the skills to independently analyze charts. We go beyond simply providing a strategy, recognizing that it alone is insufficient. Instead, we assist you in crafting a comprehensive Trading Plan that includes essential components like an Entry Plan and Exit Plan. Maintaining an unbiased approach in the trading is truly advantageous, and cultivating a neutral mindset is crucial. By keeping a calm mind, you can continually learn and maintain inner peace even in chaotic situations.

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Discovering your own unique learning space and taking advantage of modern eLearning options can often lead to faster progress compared to traditional methods. Embrace the beauty of eLearning and enjoy the benefits it brings to your educational journey.

About Trainer

Anoop Upadhyaye

Anoop Upadhyaye, a highly experienced NSE certified trainer and currency trading expert, has successfully mentored over 60,000 students worldwide. His comprehensive programs provide practical education and equip students with the skills to navigate the currency market confidently. Join Anoop on a transformative journey to unlock your potential for financial success in currency trading.

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Wilhelm Olsson

Co-founder & CEO


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John Rodgers

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